A Hasty Recap of a Busy Few Days!

So this’ll be a short one, mostly pics, as I’m gearing up for my first day of work tomorrow! I’ve got the teacher bag all packed, an outfit picked out, and a positive attitude screwed firmly into place. This is the school – quite the traditional English start to my experience, by the looks of it.

The end of last week was marvelous. I walked through St. James’ Park by Buckingham Palace, went up on the London Eye to see the City at night. I visited the Beatles Store in Baker Street (yep, that Baker Street), wandered through Soho – an area that contains more bookstores than I have ever seen in one place. I also made my way back to the British Museum, and in a little cafe across the street, pausing for a hot chocolate before the evening lecture by Simon Singh, I met a very nice Londoner named Anita. We hit it off, hung out at the Museum for a bit, and we’ve got plans to grab a coffee and see The Lovely Bones later this week. I’ve made my first new friend – yay! Finally, I finished the week off with a trip to The Maple Leaf, London’s Canadian pub. The poutine was awful, but the atmosphere was interesting.

So here are some pics detailing the last bit of my first week as a Londoner. Hope to talk to you all soon – it looks like weekend mornings are best, as they are weekend evenings for me, and I’m likely to be home. Love to all!

Since today’s post is mostly photos, I’ve made a flickr album rather than posting them all here in a big column. As they used to say in the old days, click here. (I’m still learning Flickr, and I’ve gotta hit the hay, so these are in the reverse of the order described above. Also, a few of em need rotating, and the Flickr server is awful slow tonight. I’ll get to em tomorrow. But you’re clever folk – I’m sure you’ll figure it out).


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