Neigele’s Visit

Another momentous event (and another set of albums) I want to share is my first “crossover”, so to speak – my good friend Neigele came to see me on the last leg of her European tour, and became the first part of my Canadian life to overlap with my English one! It was so wonderful to see her, and I think that it was an interesting experience for both of us. On the one hand, it was an incredible comfort to see someone from home, someone we could relax with and speak in shorthand with; on the other I think it really made both of us think about how much we’ve changed, even in this short time away.

Of course our experiences were very different – she was jetting about to different countries (the girl covered Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Greece and the Greek Islands in under three months!), while I’d been spending my time delving deeply in just one place, living the day to day life of a resident. But it seems that both of us have learned a lot about our own values and priorities, and we had some really interesting conversations during her stay. I don’t know about her, but for me it was really good to get to share my thoughts with someone who already knows me so well, and has been going through some of the same things – exploring and battling homesickness and pushing yourself to get out there and meet new people and do new things.

And we got to share bits of our new lives with each other: I met Neigele’s friend Nathan, who joined us in Paris and journeyed on to London with us as well; and she got to meet some of my new friends. And of course, I got the thrill of getting to play tour guide, showing both of them the sights and sounds of London. I think I did well – as you’ll see from this post’s photo albums, we covered a lot of ground in a short time!

But I think the highlight, for me, was our day trip to Stonehenge. It was a way for Neigele and I to share our travels, going to a place that neither of us had been and discovering it together. Rather than describing it in detail here, I’ll oh-so-casually refer you to my first published article at “The Stonehenge Tour: A Review” (creative title, right?). Suffice it to say it was a beautiful day. You can see the pictures here; warning, like every tourist before us, we took an obscene amount of shots of the stones themselves, from all angles… you just can’t help it, once you’re there.

I’m incredibly proud of Neigele: it sounds like she had an amazing trip, and even in the short time I spent with her I could see that she has become a seasoned and knowledgeable traveller, well able to take care of herself. And she’s become quite the photog as well… Her shots are gorgeous, and if you’re her friend on Facebook you should check out the albums she’s been posting.

More from me soon… There are still plenty of photographs to be shared, and plenty of English experiences to document. I’ve been making more friends (yes Mom, mostly nerds from the nerd group!); exploring more of the city; and I just purchased my ticket to see Henry IV Part One at Shakespeare’s Globe! For now, here are some photos from Neigele’s visit:

Paris with Neigele (we met up after my first day there and spent a day exploring together before heading to England. The highlight of these pictures is definitely the food – and the Louvre!)

The Dover Ordeal (I haven’t really covered this in the above post, as, to be honest, it was an exhausting day and parts of it were quite unpleasant. Basically, because of all the flights being grounded due to the Icelandic volcano eruption in mid-April, what should have been a five hour journey from Paris to London via train and ferry wound up taking around fifteen hours. Luckily, we had each other for company, and there were so many good-humoured Brits in even tighter spots than us that it was hard to stay sour for long. Check out the photos and their captions for more details)

Westminster (the political district of Central London: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and more)

The British Museum and Hyde Park (Hyde Park, which I’ve mentioned here before, is one of my favourite places in the city… It’s London’s Central Park – or maybe Central Park is New York’s Hyde? At any rate, it was a beautiful day – and there were ducklings! The end of this set also has some really nice pics of Neigele and I.)

Stonehenge (there are a few videos here as well, to give some scope… and the countryside itself was just gorgeous)


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  1. Posted by Wife on May 7, 2010 at 1:29 am

    Lovely photos- and a very informative and interesting article. I look forward to seeing more articles soon 😉 Love you!


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